Anti-Corruption Compact in Buenos Aires

B20 held the Anti-Corruption Compact 2018 event in Buenos Aires on July 20th.

The event was was hosted by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) and FACPCE (Federación Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Económicas) and held at the Hotel Panamericano following the Integrity & Compliance Task Force meeting.

Present at the meeting were Pablo Tettamanti (G20 Ambassador), Laura Alonso (Head of the Argentine Anti Corruption Office), George Mandelbaum (Integrity & Compliance Chair and CIPPEC President), Paula Nuñez (Coordinator for the Public Management Program at CIPPEC), Dalma Parisi (Integrity & Compliance Deputy Co-Chair and Regional Compliance Officer at Siemens), Fayezul Choudhury (Chief Executive at IFAC), Maria Emilia Berazategui (C20 sherpa), Fernando Landa (B20 policy sherpa), Kieran Pender (Legal Policy & Research Unit at International Bar Association), Fernando Landa (B20 policy sherpa), Paula Morrone (Integrity & Compliance Co-Chair and Southern Cone Legal & Business Integrity Director at Unilever), Jacqueline Donaldson (Integrity & Compliance Co-Chair and General Counsel at Nestlé), María Elena Casasnovas (IC Co-Chair and Executive Council Member at Asoc. Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas), Pablo Tettamanti (G20 Ambassador), Rachel Grimes (IFAC President), Andrea Rey (Ernst & Young), among others.

“The management and prevention of conflicts of interest in the private sector and integrity and transparency in state owned enterprises are key issues” stated Laura Alonso.

Issues discussed included public-private collaboration in the fight against corruption, integrity in the public sector, state-owned enterprises & infrastructure public procurement, global accountancy, empowering individuals with a culture of integrity and the role of whistleblowers in exposing corruption and enhancing integrity.

“Fostering a culture of integrity and ethical standards is essential. We must find more sophisticated responses to illegal activity and ways to translate these efforts into actions” said G20 Ambassador Pablo Tettamanti.

“We should empower individuals, the answer lies in education on integrity and moral values and in having a strong rule of law” said Jacqueline Donaldson

“We want a business community that speaks out against corruption. This is the first time C20 and B20 have presented joint statements in the history of G20. We hope this will be a blueprint for future G20´s” stated Maria Emilia Berazategui

George Mandelbaum ended the meeting focusing on the work done by the Task Force throughout the year: “In the context of the different G20 cycles a lot of principles have been developed regarding integrity, transparency and compliance. In B20 we emphasize the importance of implementation of national policies. Developing a culture of transparency begins with education and is complemented with legal regulations. Our group has reached important consensuses, in continuation with the work developed by the B20 German cycle. We have made progress in essential topics such as transparency in public procurement with a focus on infrastructure and the need to promote high standards in compliance in SOEs. The joint actions of governments, companies and civil society are and will be fundamental to develop a culture of integrity. The 2 joint statements presented with C20 show how far we´ve come and is a sign of maturity before the international community.”