B20 Leadership & Argentina's Chief of Staff

B20 Leadership and Argentina's Chief of Staff met at the Alvear Hotel on March 19th.

The B20 Leadership organized a meeting to discuss the upcoming agenda with the Chief of Staff. Hosted by B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja, and the Co-Chair Group: Miguel Acevedo, President of the Industrial Chamber of Argentina (UIA), Jorge Brito, President of the Argentine Bankers Association (ADEBA), Adelmo J.J. Gabbi, President of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA), Gustavo Weiss, President of the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO), Jorge Luis Di Fiori, President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CACS), Daniel Pelegrina, President of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA)), the meeting was atended by Marcos Peña, Chief Of Staff, Francisco Cabrera, Minister of Production, Fulvio Pompeo, Secretary for Strategic Affairs and Matias García Oliver, Undersecretary of Institutional Affairs. 


The B20 leaders and government officials were joined by the Task Force Chairs: Marcos Galperin (Digital Economy & Industry 4.0), Inés Berton (SME´s Development), George Mandelbaum (Integrity & Compliance), Martín Migoya (Employment & Education), Miguel Gutierrez (Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainable), Eduardo Elsztain (Financing Growth and Infrastructure), Luis Pagani (Sustainable Food System), Paolo Rocca (Trade & Investment), and B20 Sherpas Fernando Landa and Carolina Castro.