Financing Growth & Infrastructure Task Force Meeting in Paris

The Financing Growth & Infrastructure Task Force Meeting was held on Monday 28th of May in the framework of the OECD Week in Paris.

The session was chaired by Eduardo Elsztain (FGI Chair & President at Banco Hipotecario), alongside Mario Blejer (FGI Deputy Chair & Vice-Chairman at Banco Hipotecario), José Manuel González Páramo (FGI Co-Chair & Executive Member of the Board at BBVA), Fernando Lago (FGI Co-Chair & Executive Director at Cámara Argentina de la Construcción) and José Luis Enrique Cristofani (FGI Co-Chair & President at Santander Río Argentina).

The working group continued to develop their policy recommendations. Topics discussed included developing infrastructure as an asset class and PPPs, the expansion of access to housing through new financing tools and the promotion of cross-border financial regulation consistency.

“The world actually has an infrastructure deficit that is generally known as the infrastructure gap. B20 seeks to promote investment in infrastructure by attracting private capital destined for low-returning assets. Infrastructure development will help increase productivity and the growth of societies and their skills” said Eduardo Elsztain.

The task force will continue its work with teleconference meetings in the next couple of months to arrive to a final policy document to be presented to G20 leaders.