Business Leaders Forum in San Juan

B20 and the Industrial Union of San Juan (UISJ) hosted the 4th Business Leaders Forum in the City of San Juan, Argentina.

The Business Leaders Forum gathered more than 300 atendees in the City of San Juan. The event was held at the Civic Center on Friday 18th.  

The Forum was opened by Hugo Goransky, President of the Industrial Union of San Juan, who thanked the B20 for choosing their city for the meeting and was followed by a warm welcome by the province´s Minister of Finance, Roberto Gattoni.

The first panel, led by B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja, included Pedro Villagra Delgado, G20 Sherpa, Mariano Mayer, National Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs from the Ministry of Production of Argentina and Juan Pablo Tripodi, President of the Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency. They focused on the G20 as a unique opportunity for Argentina and its insertion in a complex and unstable global context.

“It is a challenge and a great opportunity to be able to connect with the world by hosting the G20 in Argentina. I am very pleased with the federalization that I see developing in G20 meetings. G20 decisions have a global impact and they concern our country as a whole” said Pedro Villagra Delgado.

The next panel included Daniel Funes de Rioja and representatives of the Group of Six (G6): Miguel Acevedo (Industrial Union of Argentina), Gustavo Weiss (Argentine Chamber of Construction), Javier Bolzico (Argentine Bank Association), Eduardo Eurnekian (Chamber of Commerce and Services), Daniel Pelegrina (Argentine Rural Society) y Adelmo Gabbi (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange).

“B20 is the affinity group with the biggest growth in the G20. In this cycle, more than 1250 business leaders from around the globe are working together to create a document with recommendations for public policies. The Forum is a unique opportunity to include the regional business leaders´ vision in the document of recommendations” stated Daniel Funes de Rioja.

The inspirational session that folllowed focused on the different business paths to a new regional economy. Participants included Inés Berton (Tealosophy Founder & CEO and SMEs Chair), Fernando Lago (Executive Director of Cámara Argentina de Comercio y Servicios and FGI Co-Chair), Alberto Arizu (President of Wines of Argentina and SFS Co-Chair), Hernan Vázquez (President of Volkswagen Argentina and DEI Deputy Co-Chair). They discussed the growth potential of SMEs in Argentina´s different regions. The panel was moderated by B20 Executive Sherpa Carolina Castro.

Jorge Mandelbaum, President of CIPPEC, IC & T20 Chair followed, focusing on his work with Think 20, a affinity group that organizes the analysis of global think tanks in order to provide analytical depth to ongoing G20 discussions and produce ideas to help the G20 deliver concrete and sustainable policy measures. 

Following a lunch break, the next panel, moderated by journalist Ricardo Olivera, focused on the potentialities and possibilities of added value when placing products from regional economies in the global market. The panel included Manuel José Prieto (International Director of Sociedad de Fomento Fabril de Chile), Ricardo Martínez (President of Grupo de Empresas Mineras Exploradoras de la República Argentina & Vicepresident of Cámara Minera de San Juan) and José Chediack (President of Grupo Phronesis).

San Juan Governor Sergio Uñac closed the Forum: “We must work on a great synergy that will alow the best alternatives for our development. I encourage the idea of a great national treaty. A pact that understands the great pending challenges and the heterogeneous realities of our country.”