G20 Anti-corruption Working Group Meeting in Paris

B20 participated in the G20´s 2nd Anti-corruption Working Group Meeting in Paris on June 28th

B20 Policy sherpa Fernando Landa and C20 sherpa María Emilia Berazategui participated in the ACWG meeting in Paris and presented the first joint documents regarding integrity and compliance.

The documents focused on increasing integrity and transparency in state-owned enterprises and the implementation of national anti-corruption strategies in G20 countries. It is the first time in the G20´s history in which the B20 and C20 affinity groups have presented a joint statement (you can access the documents in the links at the bottom of this article).

“The practical implementaton of systems to fight against corruption and prioritize transparency is fundamental to infrastructure investments, it benefits society and favours access to private capital. Systems that ensure high levels of ethics and integrity in SOEs help create a level playing field that warrants sustainable development. There are clear social and economic justifications for both fields of action” said Fernando Landa

The G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG) addresses several areas, including encouraging more cooperation at a global level and works with the business community (B20) and civil society (C20) to promote transparency and integrity. Other issues addressed by the ACWG include practical cooperation, beneficial ownership, private sector integrity and transparency, bribery, public sector integrity and transparency, vulnerable sectors and international organizations.

“Today, business and civil society have come together to ask the G20 to take action against corruption. Enough commitments have been made in previous years. Now It's time to put them in place” stated Maria Emilia Berazategui


B20 & C20 Joint Statement  - Increasing Integrity and Transparency in State-Owned Enterprises - LINK

B20 & C20 Joint Statement  -  Implementation of National Anti-Corruption Strategies - LINK