Financing Growth & Infrastructure Task Force Meeting in Washington DC

During the IMF/WB Spring Meeting, the Financing Growth and Infrastructure Task Force met on Thursday 19th.

The B20 and the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) hosted the Financing Growth and Infrastructure Task Force meeting at the Chamber´s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The meeting was preceded by a panel focused on the infrastructure agenda and the role of the private sector that included Pedro Villagra Delgado, G20 Sherpa, Ariel Sigal, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Treasury of Argentina, Mario Blejer, Vice President of Banco Hipotecario and Deputy Chair of the Financing Growth and Infrastructure Task Force; and Laurence Carter, Director of the World Bank. The debate was moderated by Neil Herrington, Vice President for America of the USCC.

“The growing inequality gap in the world doesn't only apply to ports, roads, buildings, but to digital connectivity as well as infrastructure. Health and education, critical in the future to employment, are priorities of the G20 presidency, together with the development of infrastructure and a sustainable food system” said Pedro Villagra Delgado

“When discussing the priorities for the G20 Argentine cycle, infrastructure came to mind immediately as a key topic for the world, the G20 economies and our country. We have recently launched what is probably the most ambitious infrastructure initiative in the history of Argentina, which includes one of the largest PPP programmes in the world" said Ariel Sigal.


During the afternoon, Mario Blejer led the discussion of the Task Force meeting on behalf of Eduardo Elsztain, Chair of the group. The debate focused on mechanisms to redirect low-performance assets into the financing market, the development of public-private participation schemes and the expansion of access to housing through new financing tools.

“The more infrastructure investment, the better the capability of a country to compete in the world market. A good infrastructure system will allow for more effectiveness in terms of productivity gains, and will lead to good macroeconomic management, which is a precondition for foreign and domestic investment in the long term." said Mario Blejer

Participants of the task force meeting that followed included Fernando Landa, B20 Policy Sherpa, and the group Co-Chairs: Fernando Lago, Executive Director of the Argentine Chamber of Construction, Timothy Adams, CEO of the International Institute of Financing (IIF), John Denton, General Secretary of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Gonzalo Verdomar, Institutional Relations Director of BBVA Francés, on behalf of José Manuel González Páramo; and Juan Cerruti, Public Policy Managing at Banco Santander, on behalf of Enrique Cristofani. Miguel Acevedo, President of the Argentine Industrial Union, participated as member of the B20 Co-Chair Group. The meeting included a lecture by Mark Romoff, CEO of the PPP Canadian Council.