Workshop on Obesity in Paris

B20 participated in the G20/OECD workshop on obesity at OECD in Paris on June 25th.

B20 sherpa Fernando Landa, Cecilia Rena (Sustainable Food System Deputy Chair & Public Affairs and Press Relations Corporate Manager, Arcor Group), Karen Vizental (Sustainable Food System Co-Chair & Vp Sustainable Business and Communications for Latam and Soco at Unilever), Diego Ruiz (Sustainable Food System Deputy Co-Chair & Vice-President, Global Public Policy and Government Affairs at PepsiCo) participated in the workshop on obesity organized by G20 and OECD.

The meeting focused on the factors driving consumer behaviour, food product improvement and the levers that governments and industry can use to promote healthier choices.

 “Within this dialogue opportunity we were able to share our key messages, policy recommendations and B20 commitments regarding malnutrition. We highlighted the importance of incorporating public-private dialogue instances and collaborative work into the design of public policies regarding malnutrition, as they both play key roles in the development and implementation of sustainable solutions with regards to malnutrition issues. We also emphasized that tacking malnutrition issues requires a comprehensive approach, that considers not only a balanced diet but also consumer education on the importance of healthy lifestyle, physical activity, social issues, environment, and culture” said Cecilia Rena.

The SFS Task Force will get together at the Sustainable Food System Meeting in Buenos Aires on July 26th.