G20 Meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Buenos Aires

Daniel Funes de Rioja and Luis Pagani participated in the G20 Meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Buenos Aires on July 28th

The G20 held the Meeting of Agriculture Ministers to propose a collaborative approach towards building a sustainable food future, one of the three main priorities of the Argentina G20 Presidency.

B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja and Luis Pagani, B20 Sustainable Food System Chair and Arcor President, participated in the task force meeting that ended with a final declaration focused on enhancing global food security, improving nutrition, fostering sustainable management of natural resources, encouraging the use innovative agricultural practices and technologies and reducing food loss and waste, among other issues.

“The global development of a Sustainable Food System is an essential challenge for the support of human life in our planet, given the pressures to feed a growing population with a declining resource base, and a key pillar for achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals," said Luis Pagani.


"The multilateral and international trading system should, progressively, eliminate barriers and distortions in global food and agricultural markets, enabling a greater integration of SMEs of developing countries into regional and global value chains," stated Luis Pagani.