Integrity & Compliance Task Force Meeting in Buenos Aires

The Integrity & Compliance task force held their last in-person meeting in Buenos Aires on July 20th.

Hosted by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) and FACPCE (Federación Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Económicas), the Integrity and Compliance task force met in Buenos Aires to share their work.

The task force, led by George Mandelbaum, President of CIPPEC, has finished its discussion on public policies and is working on the final recommendations that will be presented to G20 leaders next December.

Participants included George Mandelbaum (Integrity & Compliance Chair, CIPPEC President), Paula Morrone (Integrity & Compliance Co-Chair and Southern Cone Legal & Business Integrity Director at Unilever), Jacqueline Donaldson (Integrity & Compliance Co-Chair and General Counsel at Nestlé), María Elena Casasnovas (IC Co-Chair and Executive Council Member at Asoc. Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas), Pablo Tettamanti (G20 Ambassador), Rachel Grimes (IFAC President), Dalma Parisi (Integrity & Compliance Deputy Co-Chair and Regional Compliance Officer at Siemens), Andrea Rey (Ernst & Young), Fernando Landa (B20 policy sherpa), among others.

“We should enhance integrity and transparency in public procurement with a focus on infrastructure projects” said Jacqueline Donaldson.

Topics discussed included the commitment to integrity, public-private collaboration, transparency in infrastructure projects, the adoption of the private sector´s standards for SOEs and how to empower individuals in the fight against corruption.

IC Co-Chair Paula Morrone: “Most IC Task Force members' feedbacks were so accurate at this stage, that they can be easily articulated in the policy draft. These inputs will help us complete a work of excellence”