SFS Task Force Meeting in Córdoba

B20 held the Sustainable Food System Task Force meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Córdoba on April 6th

The Sustainable Food System (SFS) Task Force meeting was held on Friday 6th, chaired by Luis Pagani, President of Arcor. The task force, comprised of more than 70 companies and representatives of the food industry, focused on public policy recommendations on the basis of sustainable production and food access.

“We would like to strengthen a multilateral international trade order, integration for SMEs, the value of education, the role of science to generate knowledge that will add value to our society and the construction of public-private alliances” said Luis Pagani.

Luis Pagani, Miguel Kozuszok and Daniel Funes de Rioja later held a press roundtable to present the Task Force´s main topics: trade barriers, enviromental conservation, food loss & waste, technology development & adoption, malnutrition, undernourishment and obesity.

“The food industry is going through a groundbreaking revolution. The role we are taking within this group is focused on combating increasing malnutrition and food shortage in the world. An increase in production generates a virtuous circle that contributes to poverty reduction” stated Miguel Kozuszok.