G20 Development Group Meeting in Tucumán

B20´s voice was present at the 2nd meeting of the G20´s Development Working Group in Tucumán on July 11th

B20 policy sherpa Fernando Landa participated in the meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in the City of Tucumán.

The meeting included Pedro Villagra Delgado (G20 Sherpa, Argentina), Santiago Sueiro (G20 Development Working Group Chair), Gala Díaz Langou (Gender Economic Equity Task Force Co-Chair, T20 Argentina & Social Protection Program Director at CIPPEC), Tatiana Podliszewski (Y20 Executive Director), representatives from G20 member and guest countries and experts from international organizations, among others.

“The UN Sustainable Goals agenda has been a transversal guideline for our policy recommendations development. Inclusion starts at early childhood ensuring a comprehensive approach not only on food and healthy habits but also ensuring foundational skills with no gaps within the whole of society. B20 promotes learning to learn as fundamental competence” said Fernando Landa.

The main topics discussed included childhood development, sustainable habitat and inclusive business with a focus on gender equality and inclusion. Childhood development is featured for the first time in the working group´s agenda and is relevant to one of G20´s priorities, the future of work. Sustainable habitat is closely linked to infrastructure for development, and includes a comprehehensive vision (regional planning for urban, suburban and rural areas). Inclusive business is related to the future of work, another G20 priority that seeks innovative business models to incorporate people form the poorest areas of society into their value chains.


“Gender equality has to be a priority in the approach to addressing skills aligned to labor market needs. Focus on entrepreneurship and how to improve the SME ecosystem to generate genuine increased opportunities is a major focus for B20” stated Fernando Landa.

Fernando Landa presented the B20 Key Policy Recommendations aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to G20 at the meeting, you can access the document in the link at the bottom of this page.

The G20 Working group will meet again in Córdoba on December 27-28 to reach a consensus and approve the recommendations that will be presented at the G20 Summit.

The B20 will advance in the elaboration of its final document and the dissemination of the proposed policy recommendations from each of its task forces. The B20 Summit 2018 will take place on October 4-5 in the City of Buenos Aires, with the participation of top leading international entrepreneurs who will present the challenges and recommendations that have been reached in a cycle that is reaching consensus proposals with a high participation of members and commitment.