SMEs Task Force Meeting in Paris

The SMEs Task Force Meeting was held on Monday 28th of May in the framework of OECD Week in Paris.

The SMEs Task Force Meeting was held on Monday 28th of May in the framework of OECD Week in Paris. It was followed by a Panel focused on SMEs Access to Global Value Chains.

Present at the meetings were Inés Berton (SMEs Task Force Chair & Tealosophy CEO), Luca Donelli (President of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs), Victor Dosoretz (B20 SME Co-Chair & Treasurer of Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services), Pedro Cascales (B20 SME Co-Chair & Secretary of Argentine Chamber for Medium Size Enterprises), Martin Castelli (B20 SME Co-Chair & Blue Star Group President), and Eduardo Coduri (EY Argentina CEO & B20 SME Knowledge Partner).

The working group continued to develop their policy recommendations. Topics discussed included innovation, policies to promote talent retention, research & development and finance facilitation programs.

“SMEs generate between 50 and 70% of employment and income. In almost every sector of the economy, they have registered the highest indicators of growth in the last decade. They generally start as low investment initiatives created by entrepreneurs who develop innovative solutions and have great resilience. In our Task Force we encourage skill development and talent retention” said Inés Berton.

After the task force meeting a roundtable in alliance with BIAC focused on the productivity challenge in financing inclusive and sustainable growth and was opened by Gianluca Riccio, Chair of the roundtable. The meetings introduction was led by Masamichi Kono (Deputy Secretary-General, OECD), Erol Kiresepi (President of International Organisation of Employers & B20 Task Force on Employment and Education Co-Chair) and Carolina Castro, B20 Executive Sherpa. 

The topics discussed included how to identify and prioritize B20 recommendations that support productivity growth and sustain SME financing and participation in GVCs. This implied considering where synergies and trade-offs exist between B20 actions across the different taskforces with attention to the role of digital platforms, improved access to data, greater financial inclusion and mitigating challenges such as resources´ misallocation and cyber-risk.