G20 Sherpa Meeting in Ushuaia

The G20 held the Second Sherpa Meeting of the Argentine Presidency in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.

The three-day meeting included the contribution of the engagement groups, amongst them the B20.  Policy Sherpa Fernando Landa and Executive Sherpa Carolina Castro attended the meeting.



All G20 engagement groups were present in a one-hour session where each group had 3 minutes to deliver their respective speeches. The B20 focused on the development of their work with the different task forces and the consensus reached so far. The issues presented included a brief introduction to the focal points of discussion so far in each of the eight task forces.


Finally, the floor was opened to allow the G20 Sherpas to exchange their opinions and insights regarding their experiences and the development of their work, underlining the importance of public-private dialogue that is possible within the G20 through the inputs of engagement groups.