Networking Meeting & Farewell Cocktail

In the framework of the G20 Summit, B20 hosted a Networking Cocktail as the official closing event of Argentina`s 2018 presidency.

The event was held at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange on Wednesday 28th.

B20 Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja opened the event and focused on the work done throughout the year. He emphasised that a total of 85 policy recommendations and 308 action proposals were reached during the period. 55% of them were contemplated in the documents of the G20 working groups.

“During the B20 cycle in Argentina we have worked to achieve a group of recommendations that could be implemented in the medium term. The discussions with other G20 engagement groups were reflected in the presentation of 7 joint statements. This cycle has represented a unique opportunity por Argentine businessmen to integrate themselves in the global agenda. I want to thank the more than 1000 companies and organizations that worked together to reach these goals,” said Daniel Funes de Rioja.

Dante Sica, Minister of Production of Argentina, thanked Executive Sherpa Carolina Castro and Policy Sherpa Fernando Landa for their work and achievements during the year. He referred to the importance of the topics addressed by B20 as essential for global and economic development.

“In our Government we are committed to transform Argentina´s economy so that it will not only be focused on the internal and regional market. The recommendations presented by B20 are aligned with our government plan: to increase food exports and our competitiveness in regards to transport and technology,” said Daniel Sica.

Present at the event were Government and G20 authorities, the presidents of the G6 (B20 Co-Chair Group), Co-Chairs and Task Force members, members of the High Level International Advocacy Caucus, Business Leaders Forums and representatives of local and international business chambers.