B20 Organizers Follow-Up meeting

The B20 Chair and both Sherpas, attended a follow-up meeting with the Group of Six. Fernando Landa, participated in the T20 inception work.

B20 organizers follow-up meeting

                         In order to achieve a well organized B20, the Group of Six chambers, co-chair of this process, met for a working lunch hosted by the Argentine Bankers Association (ADEBA). The Group of Six is formed by ADEBA, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA), the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CACS), the Argentine Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO), the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) and the Industrial Chamber of Argentina (UIA).  

The meeting was attended by: Daniel Funes Rioja,  B20 Chair; Fernando Landa, a B20 Policy Sherpa; Carolina Castro,  B20 Executive Sherpa; Luis Marchese, B20 Executive Advisor; Joge Brito (h), President of ADEBA; Adelmo Gabbi, President of BCBA; Jorge Di Fiori, President of CAC; Gustavo Weiss, President of CAMARCO; Miguel Acevedo, President of   UIA; Daniel Pelegrina, President of SRA; Claudio Cánepa, Vice-president of ADEBA; Javier Bolzico, Executive Director of ADEBA; Guillermo Carracedo, BCBA Secretary; Matías Bolis Wilson, CAC Chief Economist; Fernando Lago,  CAMARCO Managing Director; Raúl Rocatagliata, SRA Institution of International Negotiation Responsible; Diego Coatz, Executive Director of UIA.

“The commitment of the Group of Six is a crucial keystone for the realization of the B20 Argentina. With their active involvement we are assuring local and regional business leaders participation.”

-Daniel Funes de Rioja

Daniel Funes de Rioja, Carolina Castro and Fernando Landa expressed their gratitude to ADEBA for hosting this wonderful meeting that gathered such remarkable business leaders.

Fernando Landa, Policy Sherpa, was invited to speak about the role of the Business 20 (B20) during the Think 20 (T20) Inception Workshop event. The T20 is an engagement group that reunites think thanks and leading experts from around the world to provide valuable analysis to the G20 dialogue and produce ideas which contribute to the achievement of concrete and sustainable policies. 

The presentation addressed the contributions of the engagement groups to the G20. In this regard, Fernando Landa   introduced the B20 structure and its main objectives: generating more and better jobs, sustained growth and inclusive development. The B20 Policy Sherpa highlighted the importance of including the private sector’s voice in order to construct a fruitful policy discussion. He also stressed that the business communities actively seeks to extend the dialogue to further sector of society and economy such as the government, the civil society, think tanks and all of the engagement groups.

As the G20 private sector’s voice, the B20 has a very strong commitment to build consensus for a fair and sustainable development.”

-Fernando Landa