Employment & Education Task Force Meeting in Paris

The Employment & Education Task Force meeting was held on Monday 28th of May in the framework of the OECD Week in Paris.

The session was chaired by Martín Migoya (EE Chair & Globant CEO), alongside Dario Werthein (EE Co-Chair & Grupo Werthein Shareholder), Erol Kiresepi (EE Co-Chair & International Organisation of Employers President) and AnneMarie Muntz (EE Co-Chair & Randstad Managing Director Public Affairs).

The working group continued to develop their policy recommendations. Topics discussed included lifelong learning, rolling back on informality and strengthening the social protection for the future of work.

“In a moment in which the reconfiguration of global employment is in process, it is necessary to develop inclusive policies that will help people enter the labour market with the help of innovative educational systems. Learning to learn should be a key subject for the educational system, more important than content itself” stated Martín Migoya

The task force will continue its work with teleconference meetings in the next couple of months to arrive to a final policy document to be presented to G20 leaders. Finally, in September alongside the G20 Ministerial meeting will be having an Employers Forum for all task force members.