Resource Efficiency Workshop in Buenos Aires

B20 participated in the Resource Efficiency Workshop held at the German Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires on June 26th.

Elena Morettini (B20 ERES Coordination Group Member and Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability Officer at YPF) participated in the Resource Efficiency Workshop at the German-Argentinian Chamber of Industry & Commerce (AHK) in Buenos Aires on June 16 th.

The meeting included Guillermo von Bergen (AHK Argentina Vicepresident and Henkel Argentina CEO), Daniel Krull (Deputy Head of German Embassy, Buenos Aires), Carlos Gentile (Undersecretary for Climate Change and Sustainable Development of the Ministry of Environment of Argentina), María José Baptista (United Nations Environment Programme International Resource Panel), Harry Lehmann (Head of “Environmental Planning and Sustainable Strategies” of the German Federal Environment Agency), among others.

The meeting focused on the G20/B20 approach on resource efficiency policies in the chemical, food and steel sectors in Argentina, Germany and other G20 countries.

“Constructive dialogue is a key aspect of efficiency because it allows to share better practices while saving time and energy. To be able to discuss experiences and lessons learnt in a transparent way is a invaluable opportunity to move forward. Sharing different worldviews accelerates transitions and contributes to raise awareness which in turn changes established paradigms. In this sense, circular economy and sharing are crucial for cultural change" said Elena Morettini.