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Closing Act & Recommendations Handover

The Argentine Business 20 cycle concludes with the B20 COMMUNIQUÉ HANDOVER to the President of Argentina and Head of the G20 Argentina Presidency, Mr. Mauricio Macri.


The last thematic panel addressed one of the most current topics and an essential enabler for societies in the future: digitalization. This is a phenomenon that is present today at all levels of society, and has transformed our lives.

The Future of Work and Education: Act Now!

The next panel focused on the development of inclusive policies that help people enter the labor market through innovative educational systems within the framework of a new technological revolution.

Multilateral Trading System: Rethink, Reboot 2

To reap the benefits of trade and investment, economic growth and poverty reduction, international norms need to be either adjusted or created to match current economic developments. Digital economy, state-owned enterprises, SMEs inclusion in global value chains, food trade, all pose challenges and opportunities for a multilateral trading system that needs to adapt to remain relevant for the 21st century.

Multilateral Trading System: Rethink, Reboot 1

Multilateralism has been at the center of an ongoing global debate for quite some time. While there is consensus that multilateral institutions in their rule-making capacity remain crucial for addressing common challenges, the multilateral order is being challenged for its ability to cope with new economic realities.

G20 Engagement Groups: Joint Statements with B20

Public-private cooperation is key for economic growth and inclusion. In this panel session we listen to other strategic partners for social dialogue. The main representatives of diverse sectors of civil society give us their views.

Infrastructure + Energy

The necessary conditions to provide societies with the basic needs required to grow in a sustainably developed world are not possible possible without a solid, sustained, economic growth. The next panel addressed two crucial economic enablers for growth: energy access and infrastructure.

Challenges for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future

Sustainable development is conformed of social, economic and environmental dimensions and has the potential to address persistent challenges for humanity, such as quality education, malnutrition, gender equality and climate change. Bridging all social gaps and eradicating any form of persistent inequalities within and among countries is necessary to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparency: Precondition for Growth

Recognizing corruption as one of the G20’s top priorities and acknowledging that it undermines good governance, erodes trust in institutions and hinders sustainable development, the B20 calls for immediate action in the enhancement of integrity and transparency in infrastructure projects and looks upon high implementation standards of integrity and compliance for State-Owned Enterprises.

Present and Future of Multilateralism

The international system affects and constraints national politics, as global challenges have local repercussions. Multilateralism remains fundamental to ensure a level-playing field to achieve sustainable development.

Advancing Infrastructure Financing

As one of the defined priorities of the G20, infrastructure is crucial for achieving long-term development and inequalities’ reduction. Mobilizing private investment towards infrastructure is key to closing the global infrastructure gap.

B20 Summit Opening Speeches

The B20 leaders, Government representatives and Troika members open the first day of the Summit. Continuity has been a fundamental value of the B20 process. In this light, the B20 Argentina adopted B20 Germany’s defined task forces reinforcing past discussions and recommendations. We have built upon the work of the B20 Germany and we look forward to work with the B20 Japan in the same spirit of mutual collaboration.

B20 Summit closing act & recommendations handover

Chair Daniel Funes de Rioja handed over the policy recommendations to Argentinean President Mauricio Macri.

B20 Argentina 2018 - Are you ready to join us?

Institutional video presented during the B20 Summit.

G20 B20 Digital Economy Summit in Buenos Aires

B20 and G20 held a meeting focused on Digital Economy in Buenos Aires on July 30th

Global Employer´s Forum in Mendoza

B20 held the Global Employer´s Forum in the City of Mendoza on September 6th.

G20 B20 Digital Economy Summit

G20 B20 Digital Economy Summit