About B20

Business 20, or B20, is the private sector´s voice of the G20 community. It addresses the global challenges and priorities defined by the G20 countries, by building solid consensus amongst business leaders, international organizations and civil society regarding how they should be approached.

How does it work?

The B20 has historically worked to provide practical perspectives to the G20 interests and generate new ideas on a variety of themes that include: employment and education, trade and investment, financing growth and infrastructure and innovation, among others.

B20’s trademark is the development of consensus based concrete policy proposals from the private sector with the objective of generating more and better jobs, sustained growth and development. The process involves the constitution of taskforces (TFs) of around 100 business representatives of the entire G20 and invited countries. After a 7-month period of discussions the B20 is ready to submit its policy recommendations to the G20 leaders. Seven countries have previously hosted the business community in such process: