B20 Argentina

On August 2017, the G20 Argentina Sherpa, Ambassador Pedro Villagra Delgado, appointed Daniel Funes de Rioja as the B20 Chair, and the Group of Six, the leading Argentinian business associations, namely ADEBA, BCBA, CACS, CAMARCO, SRA and UIA as B20 Co-Chair.

The B20 Argentina has constituted a High Level International Business Advocacy Caucus, involving the most prominent business leaders of top companies from around the world. Through their interactions with Ministers and G20 leaders they enhance the visibility of B20 policy proposals and recommendations. Additionally, the Argentine Business Leaders Forum, constituted by business leaders representing both the regional and sectoral diversity of the Argentine economy, will collaborate in outreach and advocacy with G20 Argentina.

The B20 Argentina will continue previously addressed matters such as financing growth and infrastructure, trade and investment. However, it will focus on new major challenges affecting the world today. These are food accessibility and undernourishment for an increasingly growing population, and the new industrial revolution that poses challenging opportunities for the future of work.