B20 Partners


Knowledge Partners are consulting firms that work with the B20 Secretariat and representatives of the Task Force CHAIRS to prepare B20 policy papers, under the oversight of the Secretariat and on the basis of the discussions maintained in the Task Forces (TF) and Cross Thematic Groups(CTG). Knowledge partners also supply inputs (such as econometric calculations and case studies) and support the B20 Secretariat in coordination processes (for example, consolidating submissions from TF members, organizing telephone conferences and meetings) and the preparation of contributions (e.g., overview of G20 and other global initiatives, relevant statistics, problem analysis, etc.). Knowledge partners keep the minutes of TF/CTG discussions, help with the evaluation and feedback to inputs by TF/CTG members.


Concept Partners are organizations with recognized expertise regarding specific issues. They provide technical support in the drafting of the B20 Recommendations.


Network Partners are international business organizations and networks. They provide essential support to TFs by contributing their expertise and engaging their broad international constituency in TF activities, as well as disseminating recommendations.