Daniel Funes de Rioja

B20 Chair

"B20 is a process in which business has a voice and the possibility to translate into recommendations ideas and proposals to develop policies that contribute to a fair and sustainable globalization."


Miguel Angel Acevedo

President of Industrial Chamber of Argentina - UIA

Since 1887 UIA actively promotes the argentine manufacturing industry. Along the years, it has proposed public policy recommendations, many implemented, for the development of the country. Every year, UIA and its associates negotiate more than 600 collective bargain agreements. It has an active participation in international organizations such as IOE, BIAC and GBC.

Javier Bolzico

President of the Argentine Bankers Association (ADEBA)

ADEBA has 27 associated banks and its purpose is to promote development and represent the interests of the national capital bank.

Dr. Jorge Luis Di Fiori

President of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CACS)

The CACS is a business association. Founded in 1924, it promotes the sector´s activity with a federal scope. Economic freedom, competitiveness and social responsibility are the main principles over which the CACS was built on.

Daniel Pelegrina

President of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA)

Argentine Rural Society (SRA) is a farmers union founded in 1866 with the purpose of promoting the establishment and development of farming practices throughout the country and the improvement of rural productivity.

Adelmo J. J. Gabbi

President of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

With 163 years of history, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange continues its work to bring the benefits of financing through the Capital Market around the country, committed to its mission of directing savings to productive activities.

Eng. Gustavo Weiss

President of the Argentine Chamber of Construction

The Argentine Chamber of Construction represents the construction industry around the country. Its main goals are generating strategic knowledge, professional training and relating its associates with the community.

Argentine Business Leaders Forum:

It is constituted by business leaders representing both the regional and sectoral diversity of the Argentine economy. Its outreach will provide a substantial contribution in the advocacy process.

High Level International Business Advocacy Caucus:

The most prominent business leaders of top companies from around the world constitute the High Level International Business Advocacy Caucus. With their key interaction with Ministers and G20 leaders they enhance the visibility of B20 policy proposals and recommendations.