B20 Sherpas

Carolina Castro

Executive Sherpa

"In the transition to a digital economy, different regions and sectors of G20 community face diverse challenges. How can we assure no one is left behind? This is one of the B20 concerns that will be pro-actively addressed in our discussions."

Fernando Landa

Policy Sherpa

"The business community of G20 countries seeks this opportunity to engage in positive thinking looking into the future for a more fair, inclusive and sustainable society."

B20 Secretariat

Lorenzo Luis Marchese

Executive Advisor

"The B20 represents a unique opportunity to discuss innovative themes, in the framework of an international process of engagement with the business community."

Agustina Briner

Project Manager

"The B20 process can contribute to improving the coordination of governments and companies to meet the challenges of the current technological revolution by ensuring sustainability and global harmony."

Silvano De Marte

Project Coordinator

"The B20 presents an opportunity to achieve public-private consensus and assuring a cooperative and equal world for generations to come."

Pilar Toyos

Policy Officer

"Global welfare can be achieved if we tone a single voice that strives for a future-oriented development. This is the B20 goal, enabling business to be a crucial actor in the path to prosperity."

Paula Ini

Policy Officer

"As a business forum composed of different voices, the B20 represents an opportunity to advance towards a more equitable and responsible economic governance."