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SFS Task Force Meeting in Córdoba

B20 held the Sustainable Food System Task Force meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Córdoba on April 6th

Business Leaders Forum in Córdoba

The Business Leaders Forum gathered more than 600 atendees in Córdoba on April 5th

SMEs Task Force Meeting in Córdoba

B20 held the SMEs Task Force meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Córdoba on April 5th

ERES Task Force Meeting in Buenos Aires

B20 and YPF hosted the ERES Task Force meeting at the Alvear Icon Hotel on March 27th.

Youth 20 Workshop

B20 was present at the Youth 20 meeting on March 23rd.

B20 Leadership & Argentina's Chief of Staff

B20 Leadership and Argentina's Chief of Staff met at the Alvear Hotel on March 19th.

Employment & Education - First Task Force Meeting in Geneva

B20 and the International Organization of Employers (IOE) organized the first EE Task Force Meeting on March 14th.

Digital Economy & Industry 4.0 Task Force Meeting in Bilbao

B20, Tecnalia and BBVA hosted a meeting at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

WEF Forum in Sao Paulo

B20 participated in the World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Sao Paulo on March 13th-15th.

CEOE Meeting in Madrid

B20 was present at the CEOE joint meeting with the Argentine Embassy in Madrid on March 8th.

Ring The Bell event in Buenos Aires

B20 helps raise awareness on women´s rights at the Ring The Bell for Gender Equality event.

Business Leaders Forum in Salta

B20 and the Unión Industrial de Salta hosted the Business Leaders Forum on March 6th.

B20 Organizers Follow-Up meeting

The B20 Chair and both Sherpas, attended a follow-up meeting with the Group of Six. Fernando Landa, participated in the T20 inception work.

B20 events at London and Paris

Daniel Funes de Rioja, the B20 Chair, and Carolina Castro, Executive Sherpa, participated in several events regarding the B20. Check them out!

B20 at WEF 2018

Daniel Funes de Rioja, B20 Chair, presented the B20 challenges and opportunities within the framework of the World Economic Forum.

WTO Ministerial Conference: limited steps forward

The WTO remains the backbone of the global trading system, although expectations regarding the MC11 were not met.

Business Meeting B20-MC11

The B20 held a business meeting with key members of the local and international business sector at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

Business Leaders Forum

On November 2, the City of Rosario hosted the formal start of the Business 20 Argentina (B20) activities.

Official Handover Ceremony

On November 1, Argentina took over the presidency of Business 20—the business voice of the G20 process—from the Germany B20 team.